My interview with S.J. Kincaid...

Treasures. There are treasures that appear in your life, some in the form of people, some are experiences, and some are books. The "Insignia" saga is a treasure to me. S.J. Kincaid gave me this treasure and I'm very grateful for that.

I’m so excited about this post... After a long time, here is my interview with the mind that created one of the best stories that I've read in my life.

- What do you know to Colombia? 

I have a friend who taught there for four years, and the country sounds beautiful. I've defnitely hoped for a chance to go one day. 

- Insignia and Vortex arrived in the last two years to Colombia, what do you think about this?

It's very exciting to see my books in other countries! I hope people in Colombia enjoy it! 

- What does your family think of all this? 

My family thinks it's awesome, though none of us can read the V & R Editoras copies. The covers are amazing. 

- S.J. loves to read at the... 

Coffee shop. It's where I love to write as well. 

- Introduce the comedy into your work... That's the thing that I most love to Insignia, but why this decision? 

INSIGNIA covers some very dark events, so I knew it was important to have comedy and levity in between them. Additionally, comedy makes writing the story a lot more fun for me-- and hopefully for the reader as well. 

- Sun or snow? Coffee or caipirinha? 

Can I say 'Rain'? Rain and coffee. 

- What’s your favorite book ever? 

LEGACY by Susan Kaye, an amazing novel about the life of Queen Elizabeth I and the dangers she faced coming to power.



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