My interview with Kate Cary...

I'm so excited about this post... in past days I had the chance to get in touch with Kate Cary, member of Erin Hunter... The parents of one of my favorite books ever... "Warrior Cats"  :) This is the interview...

- Kate, do you know something about Colombia? 

I am sorry to say that the only things I knew about Colombia before I got your message were bad things - gangs and drugs and murders. But, after I read your email, I decided to do some research and I discovered what a wonderful place Colombia is and how much it has changed over the past decade. So what I know now is that Colombia has a fast-growing economy, more peace and stability than ever before and is full of beautiful cities, countryside and beaches.

- If you had to describe "Warrior Cats" in one word, what would it be? 

This question is too hard! Can I have three words? Loyalty, courage and adventure! 

- I am 24 years old and Im in love with this story… Am I crazy? 

Not at all! We have readers of every age! Lots of our fans have been reading since the series started - over ten years ago - and they still look forward to the newest book with just as much enthusiasm! And some of our readers even persuade their parents and grandparents to read our books. We have fans who are 80 years old!

- Out of the cat world… What´s your favorite book?

Bluestar’s Prophecy will always be my favourite.

- What´s the next step for cats? I don’t know how much of the series has been published in Colombia. We’ve just finished writing the fifth series, - Dawn of The Clans - which is about how the Clans first started. And we are about to start work on the sixth series, which takes us back to the Clans beside the lake after Firestar...

- “Warrior cats” is a reflection of our society, our political system and internal conflicts that each person has ... What should change in the world? 

People should not let greed and fear destroy their capacity for kindness and love. The Firestars of this world should always triumph over the Tigerstars!

- We have an annual book festival in Colombia, in April or May, would be a pleasure to have in it someday :) 

I would love to visit Colombia one day!

Finally, in this video you find a little about "Bluestar's Profecy"... I'M SO HAPPY :)


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