My time with Friederike Schmöe...

Hi guys. This time I think I did an incredible interview with an incredible writer. Nothing more to say, here's my time with the person behind "Mind games"Friederike Schmöe...

-) Who is Friederike Schmöe?

I studied German, French and Italian, became a University lecturer and am now a writer. I love writing, reading, coffee, dancing and football.

-) When did you decide to start to write?

I’ve been writing ever since, but I decided to publish a first book in 2000.

-) Your book flew around 9000 km., and arrived in Colombia. I think this is awesome.

It’s so cool!

-) What do you you think about the cover of “Mind games” for my country? For me, was an instant crush.

I immediatly loved the cover chosen by Panamericana Editorial. It creates a creepy, stunning atmosphere.

-) When I read “Mind Games”, I must confess you I wait something entertaining and no more. Finally, I found a interesting history, with a simply language and a powerful message. Thanks for that. It’s so cool read a book for Young people to try to make different things.

Thanks for saying so. I think, good stories are both: entertaining, to help readers keep track of things. And there must be something deep, some force that pulls the reader to the message. A message that has to do with everyone of us.

-) Why did you include algid themes like the usage of medicines for the social control in a novel for young people? 

We are under the permanent influence of technologies, information and desinformation; we cannot control it. Antibiotics are found in our food. Poison in beer. School children, who are too agitated to follow boring classes, are dimmed with medication. And what do our mobiles and computers do behind the scene? None of us users really knows. There is only a small step to end up in a situation like in "Mind Games“: Someone wants to make us become a different person. Not only to buy something we don’t necessarily need, but to make us behave in a certain way. To be decent and obedient, when we want to cry and shout. Or to be boosting with energy, when we’d better back away from something that scares us. The young people of today will be very deeply involved in all this later. So I thought it is a good topic.

-) Where Kris was born? How was the work for create that character that I love?

Usually book characters come to me just like that. I don’t call them. They introduce themselves and want to be part of a book. Kris was born in Berlin, the quirky capital of Germany. Lost his parents at a young age. Lives with his sister on a houseboat. He is just a normal boy. The readers feel: What happened to Kris can happen to me, too. This makes the story even more compellent.

-) In my country, the people read in average minus than 2 books for year… What do you think about this? What should we do to change this reality?

Two things: First: Parents who love reading will induce this joy of diving into a story to their children. Second: Publishers should look for the real stuff, not just ride on trends and the so called book market.

-) How you see our country?

During 2014’s Football World Cup, I was a great fan of the Columbian national team! Such young, strong players, playing with heart and soul! I hope to travel to your country one day and get to know my Columbian readers.

-) What are you working on right now?

In January 2016, another novel for young readers was published. Right now I am writing a crime novel for adults that will be published in the second half of 2017.

-) What is your favorite place for read and write?

I read on my sofa, in cafés and whereever I feel I need some good lines. I do all the writing at my desk at home.

-) I hope to see you someday in Colombia, invite you a coffee and put order to this world jajaja :)

I may take you up on that later!! Would be cool!



  1. Gracias, me interesó mucho el libro, aunque me hubiera gustado que lo hubieras traducido porque en español no se encuentra casi nada sobre éste genial libro

    1. En español lo distribuye Editorial Panamericana; la edición es PRECIOSA.

      Gracias por pasarte por aquí.


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