My time with Sebastian Fitzek...

After an unexpected, but absolutely free and necessary recommendation as was "The nightwalker", I opened the door of the complex and tangled mind today invited to this space. a powerful voice from Germany came to worldwide. A voice hopefully continue for many more years. Here’s my time with Sebastian Fitzek...


- When you were a child dreamed of being a writer?

No, I wanted to become a tennis player or a drummer. Later I studied law and got a job at a radio station. It took a long time for me to find out that I love to tell stories. I started writing 1999/2000.

- The human mind... A marvel.

The mind is like the deep see. Full of unsolved mysteries.

- How did it feel to become a best seller?
I felt like a character in my own psychothriller. I did not know if this was true or just a dream.

- How did it go at Buenos Aires, Argentina?

I was invited by my publisher to attend the book fair. And it was so amazing. I thought I would meet a few readers, but then there were hundreds of fans at the fair.

- Why is one of your biggest influences is Michael Ende? I love his work.

“The Neverending Story” was one of my first books that I read in my childhood.
It opened up a whole new world and turned the reader into a character who is part of the story. Mindblowing.

- How would you define your work?

Psychological Thrillers.

- What are you currently reading?

"The Martian" by Andy Weir. Great Science-Fiction Thriller.

- What is your favorite place to write?

A desk with a great view. I like to be near the sea or in the woods.

- I hope one day you have the possibility to come to Colombia, it would be nice to meet you .

 I hope so, too!

- Do you know a word, phrase, or anything in Spanish?

I know some words, like “te quiero” but the phrase: “Vivo con los enfermos” might be the most crazy one. When I was in spain I stayed with some friends who had the flu and I tried to call the doctor.

- An Uruguayan writer, Cecilia Curbelo, recommended me your work… Could you devote some words to her?

Dear Cecila, thank you so much for recommending and supporting me. I hope we have a chance to meet in person in the near future.

Yours, Sebastian



  1. MORÍ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO TENGO PALABRAS!!!!!!!!!! Gracias, gracias, gracias por la última pregunta, estoy en shockkkk!!!!


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